Tiny Buddha Sterling Silver Necklace

Tiny Buddha Sterling Silver Necklace

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This inspired sterling silver necklace is ideally suited for the minimalist who prefers a finer degree of wellness reminder.  Its simple structure and fine chain also make this piece perfect for layering with other YAYA yoga necklaces. 

Available in sizes: 14",16" and 18"

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$39.20 $49.00
Customer Reviews
  1. Andrea R.

    So sweet! Love the charm and the chain! Great for layering
  2. Jamie Z.

    The layering
  3. Karen Fewsmith

    Tiny Buddha Necklace. I love the Buddha necklace. It really is tiny but great for layering and I love the symbolism & quality. The packaging is beautiful for gifts for ourselves and others. A nice special touch!
  4. Caroline K.

    Beautifully made
  5. Judith H.

    Wonderful quality
  6. Anna P.

    It was well made, classy and inspirational!
  7. Cheryl G.

    It’s lovely and simple
  8. Margaret O.

    It is beautiful and very good quality
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