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Be Strong - Red Woven Sterling Silver Bracelet

Be Strong - Red Woven Sterling Silver Bracelet

4.9/5 ( 367 Reviews )
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Make a bold statement with our handmade silver and cord woven bracelet.
Composed of small handmade silver pieces woven together with strong wax string.
Size: 6.5" + 2" extension
The root chakra governs our basic needs and instincts. It grounds us, making us feel safe. When it is balanced, we'll feel secure, integrated and confident as we go about our lives.
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Customer Reviews
  1. Susan M.

    The beauty and simplicity of it. Just perfect.
  2. Cynthia R.

    The quality and design are great
  3. Marlo F.

    It’s just beautiful!
  4. Julie L.

    Simple yet pretty
  5. Amanda N.

    Beautiful design, excellent quality.
  6. Debra D.

    The message
  7. Moncivais D.

    It is beautiful!
  8. Becky B.

    Such a beautiful piece of jewelry, i am in love with it an\\nwill be wearing it daily.
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