Paperclip Mantra Necklace in18K Gold Plated

Paperclip Mantra Necklace in18K Gold Plated

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Wearing this necklace will balance your chakras and inspire you to live according to your chosen mantra.

Each time you wear it, you'll feel empowered and motivated to keep your promises and commitments.

18K Gold Plated paperclip necklace with an Enso circle pendant, engraved with a powerful mantra of your choice.

Choose from 7 different mantras that correspond to the preferred balancing chakra - be strong, be creative, be brave, be love, be pure, be free, or just be.

The necklace is available in two lengths, 16 inches or 20 inches, to ensure the perfect fit for any wearer. The model in the pictures is wearing a 16-inch necklace. The Enso circle pendant with a mantra engraved on it adds an extra touch of elegance and meaning to this already stunning piece.

Our 18K Gold Plated paperclip necklace comes in a specially designed packaging, making it a perfect gift for a loved one. The packaging adds a thoughtful and meaningful touch, perfect for any occasion.

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$118.40 $148.00
Customer Reviews
  1. Sandra P.

    Colors. Look
  2. Joann H.

    I love the designs they offer.
  3. Debra P.

    quality of pieces and quick delivery
  4. Bonnie B.

    I love the style and color.
  5. Lisa S.

    The syle
  6. DAWN M.

    The Necklaces are beautiful and great quality.
  7. Katie D.

    Love the jewelry and what they mean
  8. Jill L.

    I am very happy with my purchase but I will say i just wish that the necklaces held up a little bit better. I had just purchased one last year and the string on it frayed so that is why I had to buy another one. I do love it but just wished maybe the cord was a little bit more durable.
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