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Jewelry represents the individual. It accentuates certain attributes, drawing viewers’ attention. Come and make a statement, be impactful, display your passion for all to see. Browse our wide collection of yoga inspired jewelry. Our passion for yoga and jewelry meets a perfect balance with meaning for both the physical and inner eye.
Yoga Is More.
Yoga is more. More than a person and a mat; more than the sum of its moves; more than a lifestyle choice!
Yoga is balance. Carefully balancing dedication, personal desire and disappointment!
Yoga is pride. Displaying confidence through control, turning the tools of disapproval into self-celebration!
Yoga is every drop of sweat. A gleaming example of tireless dedication to self-betterment!
Yoga is mastery. Mastering countless insecurities, mastering the negative influences, mastering calmness.
Yoga is beauty. Achieved inward and outward, sustained and nurtured!
At YAYA Yoga, we are inspired by yoga in its many forms. We are driven by the motivation it provides in so many people’s lives, encouraging everyone to harness improvement through repetition. We believe in its beauty. We believe in the pursuit. We believe in the presentation. Our collection is carefully curated to enhance and inspire growth. Wear each piece as a proud display of your dedication to the craft, as a signal of your voyage for personal betterment, and growth, with high quality pieces to last a tranquil lifetime. Find inner peace with any of our pieces no matter you desire.
Much like Yoga our collection is beauty through purpose.
Right from Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra, our jewelry will help you balance the inner YOU, ultimately transforming your yoga experience.
Each piece carries a meaning. Wear it as a reminder.
Each piece represents a journey. Wear it as guidance.
Each piece represents a commitment. Wear it as a promise.
Explore our collections today!
We gratefully thank all our customers for their continued support. We look forward to helping everyone along their personal journeys of self-improvement.
“I am in love with this fabulous jewelry. The quality is awesome and I can wear it in my everyday life. Sleek and perfectly-designed! I highly recommend this jewelry to every yoga lover!”
“I purchased "Be Pure Necklace" and just loved it. I have received so many compliments from my friends and I believe it has given me great confidence to show my true-self. I just love it.”
“Thank you so much for delivering it super fast. The product looks awesome and is of premium quality. Thanks for the special deal. Would love to buy more!”
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The moment I placed this colorful beaded necklace on myself I felt joyful. It was exactly what I had been searching for and when I saw it, I thought it was too expensive but I knew it would bring something to me. I know it may sound strange, but I don’t need to explain myself only to tell you all not only is it beautiful but it truly brings me joy. I hope it does for you or someone you 💕

Love this necklace!

Wear this necklace everyday. Well made, just purchased another one for a friend! She loved it!

Beautiful beads!!

I saw this necklace as I was scrolling through Facebook one day... I immediately stopped as I just loved the colors of this piece... I went ahead and purchased this and was not disappointed.... I have not taken it off since. I layer it with another necklace I already loved and it withstands showering, working out, sleeping and everyday play and wear... perfect for my personal vibe!! Love it!!

Love it

I love YAYA jewelry, it’s high quality, well done, they take care of every detail, and always on time. 😊😍

Sweet Reminder

This little "Be Strong" chakra necklace shines is lovely. It has a short chain, but includes an extension so you can wear it a little longer. It is a sweet reminder to stay grounded and that you can take on anything that comes your way.

LOVE Yaya Yoga!

These necklaces are absolutely adorable when layered! I got my mom two for Mothers Day and she loves them!!!

I love them all

I just missing 1 of the 7 chakras necklaces and I love them all, very well made I have received compliments on them, the only thing is that I have a hard time putting then on due to the small holes on the chain they should make them a little bigger. overall I am happy with the purchase.

Great quality

I gave this as a gift and my partner absolutely loved it. Great quality...love everything about it.

Lovely necklace.

This was supposed to be a gift. But I like it so much I'm keeping it. It's a little hard to close, and if you have a thicker neck it the necklace might set higher than expected. But it was definitely worth the price, and I will enjoy it!!!


I love this necklace. It is a daily reminder to lead with my heart. I wear it constantly..it’s nice to be able to keep it on doing hot sweaty yoga..it doesn’t get tangled or interfere with my movement. It was a mother’s day gift (from me to me!) and arrived in only four days from the time I ordered it. Great company…great products!

Daughter and granddaughter loved!!!

Lovely necklace

Love the meaning and simplicity behind the BE necklaces

It's a pretty necklace, but it's hard to secure the clasp.

I love the necklace, but closing it is tough. Other than that, it's beautiful and I am very happy with it!

Beautiful piece. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived and it was more beautiful than I imagined. Will buy more gifts in the future!

Beautiful Necklace

This pendant is an orange-pink color and a petite size which I really love

Great Purchase

Bought as a gift and recipient just LOVED it. The necklace was beautiful and packaged so nicely to present as a gift.


The necklace was too tight on me. They sent me another one with a 20-inch longer and perfect fit on me. I am so happy with it and love it. They are amazing people! I recommended you get this necklace.

Excellent service

The necklace is beautiful and came pretty quickly. Quality necklace and 14k gold.
I would order from YaYa Yoga again.

Just Be Yoga Earrings

These are beautiful earrings! I am so happy to have them.

So beautiful!

Too small I have a little larger neck

Love it!!

So incredibly happy with my purchase!

Pretty Necklace

I really like my pendant and necklace. The green is a pretty color

BE STRONG - Sterling Silver Pendant Ball Chain Necklace