BE PURE - Sterling Silver Bold Link Bracelet with light blue Crystal

BE PURE - Sterling Silver Bold Link Bracelet with light blue Crystal

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Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Pendant and Swarovski® Crystal on a Silver Bold Link bracelet and pendant perfect for your sophisticated loved one at any age. comes in a designed packaging ready to give as a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

The pendant is carved with the mantra and the yoga posture Plow pose (Halasana), which opens, balances and powers the throat chakra.

Sizes: Standard Wrist 6.5 inches or Wide Wrist 7.5 inches  

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When you need to overcome insecurity, fear, and timidity. The throat chakra is a conduit of communication. It helps us find the purity to speak our hearts and minds in proactive, understanding, and compassionate ways. When it is balanced, we connect with our inner voice and express our truest selves without restraint. A perfect gift for the dearest ones you would like to move and excite.

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$71.20 $89.00
Customer Reviews
  1. Nancy R.

    I love this jewelry. Its expensive but well worth it. Its excellent quality and I am always happy with my purchase.
  2. Ann S.

    Very unique and dainty. I’m giving them as gifts to my amazing sisters
  3. Ester S.

    Small and so different. Great quality.
  4. Yadhira L.

    I love everything from the beautiful jewelry to the wonderful customer service
  5. Dhd D.

    Very nice!
  6. Mary Lynn D.

    It was very unique and the perfect gift.
  7. Beth C.

    Very easy to order and quick delivery. The pieces were very nice and just as expected.
  8. Margaret M.

    Beautiful silver
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