BE FREE - 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant Necklace

BE FREE - 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant Necklace

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The pendant is carved with the mantra and the yoga posture Headstand pose (Shirshasana), which opens, balances, and powers the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is a portal to our subconscious minds. It helps us glean insights from experience and buoys our intellect with that which we know without seeing. When it is balanced, our intuition is given freedom to roam.

14 K gold vermeil pendant and a necklace, come in a designed packaging ready to give as a thoughtful gift.

Chain length: 16 inches + 2 inches extension chain.

Customer Reviews
  1. Renee P.

    I bought it as a gift and my friend loved it. Small and layer-able, meaning behind the symbols and what they stand for are empowering.
  2. Sandra P.

    Colors. Look
  3. marina k.

    Professional and looks beautiful
  4. juli C.

    The weight of the charm, the silver chain
  5. Jacqueline W.

    The simple design, it’s perfect.
  6. Martha S.

    Yes, it is lovely.
  7. Joann K.

    Quality product that is beautifully made
  8. Lynette D.

    Quality and meaningful
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