Be Creative - Sterling Silver Pendant Box Chain Necklace

Be Creative - Sterling Silver Pendant Box Chain Necklace

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When you need to focus your intentions on the relationships around you while keeping in mind being flexible and open-minded. The sacral chakra is a pathway to our emotions. It cultivates expression and opens us to relationships. When it is balanced, our creativity blossoms, and our relationships flourish. A perfect gift for the dearest ones you would like to move and excite.

The pendant is carved with the mantra and the yoga posture Feet spread outstretch pose (Prasarita Padottanasana), which opens balances, and powers the sacral chakra.

* For a full consciousness of spirit and soul.

* Perfect for keeping in mind the balance needed for achieving full potential.

* Great gift for strengthening your loved ones that needs a bit of motivation.

* Super styled up-to-date design that combines spirit and fashion.

* Mantra: BE CREATIVE.

* 925 silver necklace, comes in a designed packaging ready to give as a thoughtful gift.

* Chain length: 16 inches + 2 inches extension chain.

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$34.50 $69.00
Customer Reviews
  1. Renee P.

    I bought it as a gift and my friend loved it. Small and layer-able, meaning behind the symbols and what they stand for are empowering.
  2. Sandra P.

    Colors. Look
  3. marina k.

    Professional and looks beautiful
  4. juli C.

    The weight of the charm, the silver chain
  5. Jacqueline W.

    The simple design, it’s perfect.
  6. Martha S.

    Yes, it is lovely.
  7. Katherine K.

  8. TANA B.

    I like the necklace very much. I DON'T like the silver chain. I am constantly turning it around so the clasp doesn't show. I wish I would have ordered it with the black one.
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