Be Strong 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant with a diamond on Black Cord

Be Strong 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant with a diamond on Black Cord

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Hand made 14K Gold Vermeil Pendant on a quality cotton cord, comes in a designed packaging ready to give as a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

0.01 ct Hi/Si genuine Diamond

Length: 16 inches + 2 inches extension chain.

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The pendant is carved with the mantra BE STRONG and the yoga posture Tree Pose (Vrikshasana), which opens, balances, and powers the root chakra. 

The root chakra governs our basic needs and instincts. It grounds us, making us feel safe. When it is balanced, we'll feel secure, integrated, and confident as we go about our lives.

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With 0.01 ct  Diamond
With 0.01 ct Diamond
$134.40 $168.00
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$53.40 $89.00
Customer Reviews
  1. Lori Z.

    Love it
  2. Karen P.

    Inspirational, pretty, stylish
  3. sara o.

    excellent products
  4. Sheralynn S.

    Custom made. Beautiful options that are simplistic.
  5. Kathy B.

    It was just as described and what I was looking for.
  6. Lori J.

    It’s just like the product advertisement showed.
  7. Kelly M.

  8. Nancy M.

    The quality and how fast I got it.
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